WHO Internship Summer 2024 Program for Undergraduates

Undergraduates who would like to intern for a specialized agency of the United Nations are advised to apply for the latest WHO Internship. It provides an opportunity to collaborate alongside collective minds and experts from around the world and work towards the same goal of advancing public health initiatives. In addition to medical students, undergraduates from other disciplines can also work on a variety of interesting projects related to healthcare policy, research, and education.

A wide range of fully funded World Health Organization internships are currently available. This includes Global Health, Public Wellness, Remote Programs, Epidemiology, Summer Internships, Traineeships, and many more. Whether you are living in developing countries like Tanzania, Indonesia, or Egypt, or belong to first-world countries like the USA or Canada, taking part in this opportunity will also give you a certificate that you can use in your future endeavours. This opportunity has an excellent acceptance rate, so apply as soon as possible!

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WHO Internship for High School & College Students | Fully Funded

WHO Internship

About World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is an influential international organization whose highest priority is improving and promoting the well-being of people around the world. It was founded in 1948 with a mission of achieving the highest possible standards of health for all through its collective strength, which also involves governments, researchers, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders. This organization has 193 member states and a highly competent network of professionals.

WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It also works to address critical health challenges such as communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS and malaria, non-communicable diseases like cancer and heart disease, as well as responding to sudden pandemics like COVID-19. Additionally, with sustainable development as its guiding principle, WHO works to ensure that people have access to clean water and sanitary conditions in their homes or work environments.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility criteria to apply for the WHO Internship Programme include having an advanced university degree in either public health, health sciences, or other related disciplines, as well as up to two years of professional experience that is relevant to the aims of the WHO. Candidates who are interested in intern vacancies should also demonstrate a talent or past performance of excellence in their preferred areas. Lastly, proficiency in both English and French is recommended due to the global aspect of their work, though candidates fluent in only one language will still be considered.

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Often Available Programs:

Following are some of the WHO Internships that are currently available.

  • Insights and Analytics/WSE
  • Language Services – Russian/GBS/Chinese
  • Interne (Médecin Biologiste)
  • Language Services – Arabic/GBS
  • Department of Nutrition and Food Safety/NFS
  • Classifications and Terminologies DNA/CAT
  • Language Services – English/French/Spanish

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WHO Internship Interview Questions:

A paid internship with the World Health Organization is an excellent opportunity for students interested in international public health. As such, there are certain expectations for interviewees to demonstrate that they possess the appropriate knowledge and qualifications during their interview. Common questions may include how a student’s academic studies have prepared them for working in public health, what challenges they foresee within the WHO environment, and why they believe they are well-suited for the position. Other questions may focus on specific problems that could arise from cultural differences in terms of global healthcare solutions or any past experiences related to personal growth or leadership roles in similar contexts.

WHO Internship Salary:

As a result of the World Health Organization Internship, you can expect a salary of $33,150 per year or a generous hourly pay rate of $15.94.

How to Apply for the WHO Internship?

Please follow the steps listed below to apply for a WHO Internship.

  1. Get started by clicking the “Apply Here” button.
  2. View the open intern roles on its official career page.
  3. You’ll need to create an account on their online platform.
  4. Provide basic personal information, including proof of identity or nationality.
  5. After this, provide contact information such as addresses and phone numbers and fill out professional background forms.
  6. Finally, applicants should submit any supporting documents they may have, such as recommendation letters, transcripts, etc.
  7. It’s important to carefully review each step of the application process before submitting your materials.

Last Date to Apply:

Each program has its own application deadline.

Apply Here

Job TitleORGANIZATIONLocationDate PostedClosing DateJob Details
Contracts and Legal AffairsEU/BOS Division of Business OperationsTürkiye-IstanbulApr 17, 2024,May 9, 2024View & Apply
Alert and Response Coordination departmentHQ/WHE WHO Health Emergencies ProgrammeSwitzerland-GenevaApr 11, 2024May 3, 2024View & Apply
Respiratory Syncytial VirusHQ/IVB Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals UHLSwitzerland-GenevaApr 8, 2024Apr 30, 2024View & Apply
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