Mastercard Internship 2024 | Complete Application Process

Would you like to join the second-largest payment-processing corporation in the world that promises an engaging and challenging environment to collaborate with colleagues from all around the world and develop lasting relationships within the company? If so, be sure to apply right away for the latest Mastercard Internship. Students here are provided with resources that allow them to progress quickly as this corporation is making a real impact in the financial payment industry.

Whether you are living in India, the USA, Canada, or anywhere in the world, you can apply for many available programs such as Scholars Africa, Business Resource Group, Swe, Foundation Graduate Program, Summer Internship, and many more. Some of the student jobs here include roles, i.e., Software, Development Engineer Intern, and more. In addition, you can also pursue this opportunity in your field of interest, including consulting, finance, product design, marketing, communications, and many more.

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Mastercard Internship Summer 2024 Program with Interview Details

Mastercard Internship

About Mastercard

Mastercard is an American technology and financial services giant that offers solutions for customers around the globe in more than 210 countries. Operating since 1966, this second-largest payment-processing corporation has become a leader in its industry and provides digital payments, issuing debit and credit cards as well as instant and secure payment processing. The company also provides innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes as well as government agencies and its investments focus on building digital ecosystems that increase economic development opportunities. It also supports researchers in identifying solutions to issues such as income inequality, and cyber security challenges and developing global inclusion initiatives. Headquartered in New York, U.S., the company employs over 24,000 people and Michael Miebach is its CEO.

Eligibility Criteria:

Mastercard provides students with excellent professional development and experience in both the corporate and financial industries. To become eligible, candidates must be currently enrolled in higher education, must have a GPA of 3.0 or above, be enabled to work in the U.S., excel at administrative tasks, and be interested in gaining experience related to the financial sector. Furthermore, candidates need to demonstrate integrity when handling confidential information and should have the flexibility to take on new challenges throughout their internship period.

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Often Available Programs:

A wide range of intern positions is currently available at Mastercard. Listed below are only a few of them.

  • Product Management
  • Account Management
  • Systems Platform Architect
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Customer Experience & Engagement
  • Data Science – AI Ops
  • Associate Consultant
  • B2C Operations
  • Technical Program Management
  • Systems Support
  • Database Engineer
  • Customer Delivery
  • Business Development
  • Product & Engineering
  • Tax

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Mastercard Internship Interview Questions:

Mastercard Careers Internship is one of the best opportunities you can get. However, you will need to research ahead of time to understand the company culture as well as its mission and values, as this can help you stand out as a candidate. As part of the interview process, you can expect to be asked interview questions related to the company’s strategies, products, and services. Additionally, questions may be asked to better understand your experience with customer service, problem-solving skills, and ability to build relationships with colleagues. Please note that the interviewer may also ask your opinion on difficult topics in order to gain insight into how you think through challenges.

Mastercard Internship Salary:

A paid internship with Mastercard is one of the most prestigious career opportunities a student can experience. The average salary for an intern hired here is $78,693 annually, making it one of the highest-paying student jobs available.

How to Apply for the Mastercard Internship?

Applying for a Mastercard Internship is a fantastic opportunity to get valuable real-world experience in the thriving financial industry. Those interested in the application process are advised to hit the “Apply Here” button below and look for the available positions. Applicants should ensure they meet all requirements, as listed on their website. Once you identify a suitable role, complete the online application which must include an up-to-date resume that reflects relevant experience and education, along with a cover letter that outlines the individual’s desire to pursue this opportunity. Additionally, all candidates wishing to be considered are encouraged to provide examples of past work or projects they have completed related to the position for which they are applying. Please note that it can take up to two weeks for applications to be reviewed by a representative from Mastercard and offers won’t go out until background checks have been successfully completed.

Last Date to Apply:

Each program has a different application deadline.

Apply Here

Job Title Location Category Posted Job Details
Applications Software Engineering Palo Alto, CA, Austin, TX Administration February 13, 2024 View & Apply
Business Product Management US-Washington-Vancouver Administration February 12, 2024 View & Apply
Print Software Engineer US-Washington-Vancouver Administration February 2, 2024 View & Apply
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Engineer US-Texas-Spring Administration January 29, 2024 View & Apply
Print Technical No additional locations Administration January 26, 2024 View & Apply
Business Strategic US-Idaho-Boise Administration January 23, 2024 View & Apply
Summer Print Technical US-Oregon-Corvallis Administration January 22, 2024 View & Apply
Audio Development US-Texas-Austin Administration December 26, 2023 View & Apply
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