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Would you like to have an incredible opportunity and want to make a true difference in the world? If so, be sure to apply for the most recent Gates Foundation Internship. From fighting disease and poverty to empowering communities with access to clean water and education, working for this organization puts you at the forefront of some of humanity’s most important challenges. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to meet top thinkers and leaders from around the world and demonstrate leadership skills.

Whether you are an MBA, a medical student, or a high school undergraduate living in Thailand, India, the United States, or anywhere in the world, you can apply for Bill and Melinda Gates fellowship as well as a summer internship program (GSIP). No matter what area within the foundation interests you, working here will be an enriching experience that can greatly influence your career and positively impact society. So, why wait? Make sure to submit your application right now!

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Gates Foundation Internship 2024 | Apply Today

Gates Foundation Internship

About The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations, working to reduce global poverty and improve health and education for people around the globe. Established in 2000 after a generous donation from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the foundation has grown significantly since then, currently funding hundreds of global initiatives each year.

The Foundation has also partnered with local organizations in numerous countries to help tackle the most pressing problems facing the world today. The impact of their work is remarkable, ranging from eliminating extreme poverty to inspiring breakthroughs in global health. Headquartered in Seattle, this American private foundation currently employs over 1,736 people and Mr. Mark Suzman is its CEO.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Internship Program offers a unique opportunity to gain experience in charitable work, as well as contribute to social good initiatives. Because the program is geared towards university students and recent college graduates, healthcare professionals and those with specialized skills in international development or public policy are strongly encouraged to apply for internships at Gates Foundation. When reviewing applications, the foundation looks for candidates who demonstrate experience or a strong interest within their field of expertise, as well as excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Qualified applicants should have a minimum 3.2 GPA and be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Candidates must also meet prerequisites such as fluency in English, lawful permanent US residency, or authorization to work within the US for the duration of the program period.

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Often Available Programs:

  • Gates Fellowships
  • Graduate Internships

Gates Foundation Internship Interview Questions:

The interview questions here are designed to reveal a candidate’s expectations, interests, and work style. This helps ensure that students are well-suited to the foundation’s goals and have meaningful experiences during their time there. Questions about past experience, problem-solving strategies, working with diverse team members, and setting personal standards for success measure how candidates interact in high-pressure environments and what drives them to represent the Foundation’s values in their day-to-day tasks. Knowing these answers will provide insight into whether or not an intern applicant is a good fit for the program.

Gates Foundation Internship Salary:

With an annual salary of $45,883, interns at the Gates Foundation will have financial security while learning new skills and gaining new knowledge. Even better, all work done will contribute to meaningful causes like improving education options or fighting poverty.

How to Apply for the Gates Foundation Internship?

Applying for the Gates Foundation Internship may seem like a challenging task, but you don’t have to worry about it! The process starts by clicking below on the “Apply Here” button and then visiting the interns page of this organization. You will then need to create an online candidate profile which will only take a few minutes and then submit your application for the open programs. A group problem-solving session and individual interview will take place following the brief introduction if your application is successful. For consideration, candidates should ensure that they put their best foot forward. A successful candidate will receive a job offer within two to four weeks after the final rounds of interviews. Don’t waste any more time and get started right now!

Last Date to Apply:

  • February 6th

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