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If you want an opportunity to push yourself professionally to the limits and beyond and want to work in a company that operates in over 30 countries, don’t hesitate to apply for the most recent BlackRock Internship. Working here will allow you to have access to a wide range of expertise across innovative technologies and practices. This will also allow you to take on new challenges and improve your ability to develop best-in-class products and services. As part of the industrial placement, the company is currently offering many opportunities for students who can work full-time and hold a good GPA.

Whether you are a high school undergraduate, a new grad, an MBA, or a freshman, you can apply for many programs such as Sophomore, Summer Analyst Program, Aladdin Wealth Tech, Portfolio Management, Spring Week, Summer Internship, etc. The company makes sure to provide opportunities in almost all fields of interest, including Asset Management, Investment Banking, Quantitative Investing, Real Estate, Legal, Finance, Analytics, Virtual, Marketing, and Software Engineering. Overall, the acceptance rate here is about 70% to 80% for applicants who obtain full-time graduate program offers. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the following information and get started on your career path.

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BlackRock Internship | Complete Application Process & Salary Info

BlackRock Internship

About BlackRock

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, with US$152.65 billion in assets under management, as of the year 2021. Founded in 1988 by Robert S. Kapito, Larry Fink, and Susan Wagner, this American multinational investment company has led the way in providing investors and institutions with access to a wide array of innovative investment strategies and products. Its diverse range of specialized funds gives investors the ability to customize their portfolios based on their individual financial goals.

The company also offers index funds, mutual funds, ETFs, serviced portfolios, alternative investments, and other products. It provides wealth management services to individuals who have higher net worth or those who need more comprehensive advice due to complexity or tax considerations. Despite decades of industry experience, BlackRock continues to lead the way as an innovator for modern-day investors worldwide. Headquartered in New York, Mr. Larry Fink is its Chairman and CEO.

Eligibility Criteria:

BlackRock is an industry leader. In order to apply for the internships here, candidates must meet certain requirements. An undergraduate or graduate degree in a relevant field, or equivalent experience or skills, is usually necessary, and they also look for individuals who can demonstrate high achievement academically or in extracurricular activities. They are seeking candidates who have the desire to constantly improve and develop themselves as part of a team. Overall, the eligibility criteria for the Black Rock Internships are quite achievable if you take the time to properly research the role and articulate why you would excel in it.

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Often Available Programs:

  • Summer Program
  • MBA Placement
  • Student Placement – Shanghai
  • Full-Time Analyst
  • Open Analyst Roles
  • Off-Cycle Program
  • 12-Month Placement

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BlackRock Internship Interview Questions:

Getting ready for an internship interview at Blackrock can be challenging, but you will feel more confident when the big day arrives if you do your research and prepare answers to common internship interview questions. Please note that interviews in this company focus largely on past experience, flexibility to handle multiple tasks at once, and an understanding of how the company’s products impact customers. It is highly recommended that you provide examples of how your prior successes relate directly to the job you are interviewing for. In addition, keeping up with financial trends relevant to BlackRock and keeping up with current events will also help you stand out! You will stand out from other applicants if you take the time to understand what BlackRock values most in its interns.

BlackRock Internship Salary:

A paid internship at BlackRock is an incredible opportunity for any student looking to gain valuable experience in the financial industry. Interns receive a salary of approximately $22.50 per hour and will be exposed to a wealth of essential knowledge unmatched by any other program out there. In addition, Blackrock Careers Internship offers exceptional networking opportunities, so students have the chance to make invaluable industry contacts to help advance their career goals.

How to Apply for the BlackRock Internship?

Those who have read the entire information that we have provided above and now want to apply for the BlackRock Internship are advised to follow these guidelines carefully. First of all, click below on the “Apply Here” button and select the region in which you would like to work. The available programs will appear on your screen. When you initially apply for one of the programs, you must enter some basic details and upload your resume in the application. This will then be followed by a First-Round Interview; in which you participate in live video interviews. Lastly, if successful, you will go through a Final Assessment composed of additional virtual interview(s) which can also include a group exercise, presentation, or case study. All steps of the application process include both traditional and contemporary assessments, ensuring applicants are thoroughly evaluated. Don’t delay, get started right now!

Last Date to Apply:

The deadline for the Investments roles is October 22, whereas, November 12, is for all other roles.

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Available Internships of Black rock 
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