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Would you like to become part of a German multinational corporation where you’ll get to work with a variety of professionals to solve complex problems while achieving results that provide incredible career satisfaction? If so, be sure to apply now for the latest Adidas Internship. By facing real-world challenges and experimenting with new ideas, interns here get to acquire exceptional knowledge as well as experience, which makes it an exciting endeavor full of opportunities for learning and growth.

Whether you want to participate in Summer Internship, Yeezy Internship, or any other program, you can apply for this opportunity in any field of interest, including marketing, legal, finance, engineering, graphic design, supply chain, etc. In addition, the company is offering this opportunity to capable applicants living in Malaysia, Canada, the USA, India, or any other part of the world. So if you want to become a Software Engineer Intern, Digital Marketing Intern, or any other role, you can do so by following the information available in this article.

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Adidas Summer/Fall Internship latest Opportunities

Adidas Internship

About Adidas

Adidas AG is a renowned multinational corporation that was founded in 1924 by Adolf Dassler as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik and is based in Bavaria, Germany. It is the world’s second-largest sportswear manufacturer that specializes in the design and production of premium apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment for sports and lifestyle activities. Its global popularity has been attributed to its partnerships at the highest level with top athletes from various sports fields and it has also created an exceptional presence within fashion and culture through highly successful collaborations with renowned names like Kanye West, Stan Smith, and Raf Simons. This multinational corporation has successfully become one of the world’s leading apparel companies because of its commitment to sustainability and the quality of service it provides to its customers. The company serves almost all across the world and has over 2 subsidiaries, i.e., Adidas Runtastic and Matix.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for an internship in Adidas, applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.0, be a graduate-level student or an MBA who is currently completing their junior or senior year and earning a bachelor’s degree, be passionate about fashion and/or sports and have at least 6 months’ relevant experience through either professional, extracurricular or volunteer activities. As soon as you have met these requirements, all you need to do is write your application for the Adidas Internships by following the procedure that we have mentioned in this article.

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Available Programs:

  • No CV Hiring | Internship – Digital Sales (E-commerce) – (M/F/D)
  • No CV Hiring | Internship – Marketing (M/F/D)
  • Planning Fw – Intern
  • Traceability Excellence Sustainable Sourcing – Intern
  • Intern NTP
  • Intern, Clothing Technology (Cebu)
  • Intern, Apparel (Cebu)

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Adidas Internship Interview Questions:

If you’re headed to an Adidas Careers Internship interview, you’ll want to be sure that you’re prepared for the types of internship interview questions you might be asked. By knowing the format and content of potential questions in advance, applicants can confidently move forward with their presentation and increase their chances of being offered an internship. The best Adidas intern candidates should be able to articulate their qualifications, demonstrate an understanding of the job’s basic requirements, and draw upon their past experience to prepare them for future situations. The best way to stand out and impress potential employers during an interview is to prepare in advance, so spend some time anticipating what questions may be asked and preparing effective responses in advance.

Adidas Internship Salary:

With a generous internship salary of $41,000 annually, or $20 per hour, interning at Adidas guarantees fair pay for the hard work and time invested. As a result, an internship here is sure to be both challenging and rewarding, while opening up a world of future opportunities!

How to Apply for the Adidas Internship?

To start the internship application process for the Adidas Internship, applicants need to submit their resumes and cover letter on its official website. Simply select an intern role by hitting the “Apply Here” button available below and then read out the key details to determine if you match the criteria. After that, click the “Apply Now” button and create an account to open the application form. While submitting your internship application, ensure that it contains all relevant details such as a home address, phone number, email address, work experience, educational qualifications, and any additional skills that may be of benefit to Adidas. Applicants should also include an example of previous work which could be shared through links or attach original images. After completing the application process, keep track of your submitted internship with Adidas to avoid duplicated efforts or miscommunication issues.

Last Date to Apply:

  • February/March 2024
  • May/June 2024
  • September/October 2024

Apply Here

Job TitleLocationTEAMPosted DateJob Details
Gtm Originals Working StudentWarsawSalesFeb 2, 2024View & Apply
Intern Gbs APDalianAccounting & FinanceJan 31, 2024View & Apply
Brand ActivationsLondonMarketing & CommunicationsJan 26, 2024View & Apply
SalesManchesterSalesJan 24, 2024View & Apply
MarketingManchesterMarketing & CommunicationsJan 24, 2024View & Apply
Retail Space ManagementManchesterMarketing & CommunicationsJan 24, 2024View & Apply
GBS APDalianAccounting & FinanceJan 18, 2024View & Apply
Internship ProgramBuenos AiresAdministrativeJan 17, 2024View & Apply
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